Meloman is a group of companies that unites a number of independent structures: starting with Meloman/MARWIN/Comfort stores in Kazakhstan to film distribution in cinemas. In 2017, the company turned 30! In 30 years, we have grown from a small audio production kiosk into a large Kazakhstani company with its own traditions, with a large and interesting creative team. Our mission is to meet the needs and tastes of modern children, parents and youth; Our goal is to provide the best services and the best domestic and foreign goods to Kazakhstani people. We set the trend and try to lead the way. We offer European-level service with a Kazakhstani flavour. We are a family company and we promote family values. Over the years, we have become more than just stores; they are a unique place for the whole family to spend time together. We are discovering and exploring new areas because we want you to have as much fun as we do!



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