Tsvetnaya is one of Kazakhstan's most recognisable pharmacy brands, with a successful history and unique strengths, bringing together the latest developments, innovative solutions and the most modern pharmaceutical range.

The first thing a visitor notices in Tsvetnaya pharmacy is the bright and unusual design. Bright and saturated colours create an atmosphere that can distract the customer from the dullness of everyday life. Colour therapy is an important part of the patient's treatment. Tsvetnaya focuses the customer's attention on the positives and sets the mood for the healing process.

Tsvetnaya offers its customers a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices in modern pharmacies using modern sales technology, where professional advice is always available from a consultant.

A great deal of attention is paid to the company's assortment policy. Tsvetnaya pharmacies were among the first to offer customers a range of health and wellness products, children's products and health and beauty products.

The pharmacy staff are competent and highly qualified professionals and are regular winners of the Pharmacist of the Year competition.

Tsvetnaya is more than just a pharmacy. It is a circle of like-minded professionals with a desire to help people maintain their health and beauty.



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